Red, White & Blue Jobs!

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While the greeniacs and regulatory zombies may fantasize about being God’s gift to mankind, the truth is they are working-Americans worst nightmare.  Their self-serving actions have put Americans out of work, increase global pollution and risk the full faith and credit of the United States of America – thereby jeopardizing peace in the world.


It is time for American workers and businessmen and women to put up resistance- proud red white and blue resistance – to these self-serving, self-deluded and self-appointed “saviors.”  Now, real Americans will to call them to task for running America’s future into a ditch.

The facts are that American workers and soldiers have made it possible for these greeniaces to have the freedom and platform to attack America.  Their exaggerations, mis-information and lies are designed to make headlines, and to vilify American workers and American industry.  If we are to Save The Country, we must stand up for truth and put aside the fear of being vilified.

Learn the facts by continuing to visit  Stand up for the reality of Red, White and Blue jobs, not the Green jobs fantasy.

Thoughtful Question:  Do you ever wonder why the Sierra Club or Green Peace does not board Chinese boats or protest in front of their manufacturing sites?


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