Business Like Water

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Our politicians continue to worry that we may go back into recession.  They seem not to understand that our country has not been in a cyclical  recession – instead we are in a growing and worsening reg-cession.

Our government’s answer to this greatest ever reg-cession is more regulation - more banking, health, farming, manufacturing and mining regulations. All of this regulation creates business resistance. This resistance simply does what resistance does – it slows the flow of business.

Business is like water.  It flows where the resistance is least.  The more resistance water meets the more it searches for alternative routes.  This is why American business and business decision makers have followed the path to China, Mexico and Brazil.

Generally speaking, the primary victims of regulation aren’t businesses; it is the workers that suffer. The business simply moves off-shore. The workers are no longer workers – instead they often become dependents of the government or dependents of their working neighbors. As a species, we cannot survive without water. As a country, we cannot survive if our businesses and jobs continue to flow outside the United States.


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